The Kids Want a Dog for Christmas. Should You Adopt?

Adoption is a wonderful holiday gift, but make sure your home is ready

In recent years, a negative stigma has cast over gifting puppies for Christmas. This is because some households are unprepared for the great responsibility that comes with being a dog owner. However, research done by the ASPCA refutes this, claiming 86-percent of gifted pets stay in their new homes. So, if the owners are responsible, it can absolutely work out.

Adopting a pet can also be rewarding. Not only will you feel good about welcoming a healthy pet from a trusted agency into your home, but you will also improve the animal’s life greatly. Though dogs kept with reputable organizations, like 1st Foundation, are treated with love, having a home with a compassionate family can make all the difference in a pet’s life. Additionally, adopting is a more moral method of finding a pet as opposed to buying from most pet stores, which often acquire puppies from mills. These puppy mills keep dogs in cramped and unsanitary conditions, and offer improper medical care. 1st Foundation, on the other hand, offers wide-open areas for adoption dogs to play, quality medical care, and sanitary conditions. If you want a new dog, it’s best to adopt.

But how do you know if your household is prepared for such an undertaking? We have a few tips that can help you give your new furry friend a loving and lasting home.

1. Finding a fit

Dogs are adorable. It’s easy to get wrapped up in their unbelievable cuteness and to want to take one home based immediately based on their lovable faces alone. However, it’s important to find a dog that adequately fits your household.

The most common mistake made when adopting a dog over the holidays happens when individuals feel rushed and adopt from a depleted selection without having done proper research. This can be a crucial error, and can easily lead to adopting a dog that does not fit your personal scenario.

To combat this, take your time and consider your family’s lifestyle and routines.

Will you be able to help it receive proper exercise daily? If the answer is ‘no,’ then you do not need to adopt. Are you looking for an inside or outside dog? This answer alone can lead to a monumental difference in your selection. How often will the dog be alone during the day? Do you have a fenced-in yard? Do you already own any other pets? If so, are they friendly to new animals?

Answer these questions with an adoption agency to help find the right fit for you. Explain your situation in detail, and make sure you find the perfect pooch for your home.

2. Prepare for the Financial Undertaking

Sometimes, new owners are not prepared for the post-adoption expenses that come with your new pup. For instance, vet visits can be costlier than expected, and they are absolutely necessary. Even if the dog’s vaccinations are up to date, regular check-ups are still in order. Vaccines and monthly medications can easily amount to hundreds of dollars, and cannot be overlooked.

Additionally, toys, food and bedding are all purchases you will need to make alongside adoption. We suggest making a list of home necessities like these before adopting to better budget your spending. If you aren’t sure what will be needed for your certain pup, ask a knowledgeable individual at the agency you plan to adopt from.

3. Be considerate

The holidays can already be a stressful time for pets, as houses are typically busier and schedules are different, but rehoming during this time of year makes things even more difficult.

Dogs can be prone to developing anxiety issues when rehoming is mishandled, as they can be unsure whether their new location is permanent or temporary. Make sure you’re there to comfort your new pet and work to ensure a sense of security.

If your family has travel plans for the Christmas season, wait until you return home to adopt. Bringing a dog into your home only to drop it off at a kennel days later can be damaging for its mental well-being. Instead, make time for your dog. Plan activities and get to better know your new best friend.

Finally, get the kids involved, too. Make sure they are spending the time to properly bond with your new dog. If old enough, let them take the dog on walks or play with it outdoors in a safe and monitored area. This will not only be beneficial for your dog’s mental health, but it will also help teach your children about the joys and responsibilities of being an owner.

Now, if you’re financially, mentally, and physically prepared to adopt, then you are about to make a wonderful decision. Dogs offer a love and compassion like no other animals on the planet. They will do anything in their power to please you, and only ask for love and treats in return. Not only that, but they make great cuddle buddies and can even improve your mental health!

If you wish to adopt, 1st Foundation is a respected and trusted choice. 1st Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to aid the members and family members of military and first responders. The organization regularly raises and donates funds and equipment for the men, women, and organizations that keep America safe.

In addition, 1st Foundation donates K9s to military, first responders, and veterans. Now, 1st Foundation is working to find loving families to adopt loving dogs deemed more suitable for civilian life.

If you are interested in adopting, you can fill out an application at

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