What is the fee structure for the 1st Foundation speciality tag?

Registration: $15 – $890.00 depending on the type of vehicle being registered

Additional fees:

    • $50.00 annually
    • $5.00 when metal plate is issued
What kind of vehicle types can the plate be displayed on?

A: Private passenger automobiles; pickup trucks; motorcycles; pleasure motor vehicles (i.e., recreational vehicles).

May I reserve more than one 1st Foundation specialty tag?

You can register as many vehicles as you have registered under your name. The VIN, tag number and other vehicle-related information will be different, so you must fill out a separate form for each vehicle to receive the free tag.

Can I personalize the 1st Foundation specialty tag?

Yes, you have the option of personalizing your tag at no additional cost. You will receive this information from the state when they email you the receipt for the 1st Foundation specialty tag. Personalized license plates in this category are transferable, at the option of the transferor, to the transferor’s spouse or child upon payment of the transfer fees.

I am having trouble finding the 1st Foundation plate in the Plate Reservation and Ordering System (PROS).

When in the PROS search “K9” and the 1st Foundation plate will be the first option.

How much of my donation goes to help the military, law enforcement and first responder community?

The 1st Foundation operates with a 100% volunteer staff and has operates with 0 administrative costs. 100% of all donations god to help our programs and to the community in need. All proceeds to back into the county where the plate is registered.

If I don’t live in Alabama or can’t get the 1st Foundation plate, how else can I help?

There are lots of ways to support the 1st Foundation, visit out “Ways to Help” page to learn more!