K9 Spotlight: Meet Twister

This lovable pup is a whirlwind of energy and affection

by Nick Norris

Twister is one of the many adorable canines up for adoption with 1st Foundation!

He got his name for a reason! Twister is a lively male Labrador retriever, born April 28, 2016. He did not quite fit the working line, but that’s okay! He would much rather spend his days snuggled up with a good family, anyway!

Twister is a loving dog, and he openly shows his affection to those who give him attention. He isn’t the shy type, so expect plenty of big kisses from this pup!

Despite his small size, Twister is always full of energy. He loves to play ball and go for lively walks. Twister is best suited for an active individual or family, who will spend quality time playing and exercising with him.

If you are interested in adopting Twister or our other available dogs, you can fill out an application at our 1stfoundation.com

1st Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to aid the members and family members of military and first responders. The organization regularly raises and donates funds and equipment for the men, women, and organizations that keep America safe.

In addition, 1st Foundation donates K9s to military, first responders, and veterans. Now, 1st Foundation is working to find loving families to adopt loving dogs deemed more suitable for civilian life. Find out more about our adoption process at our website!

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