K9 Spotlight: Meet Cisco

Looking for a lively, loving companion? We have just the dog for you

by Nick Norris

At 1st Foundation, numerous loving canines are up for adoption, one of which being sweet Cisco!

Cisco is a male Labrador retriever, born November 18, 2015. After enlisting in the United States army, Cisco was determined to be more suited for civilian life, at home with a happy family.

After just celebrating his fourth birthday, Cisco is still young and full of energy. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing fetch, going for long walks, and giving plenty of slobbery kisses.

But Cisco does a lot more than just run and lick. He is as content snuggling up with loved ones as he is in wide open fields.

1st Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide assistance to the members and family members of military and first responders. The organization regularly raises and donates funds and equipment for the men, women, and organizations that keep America safe.

In addition, 1st Foundation donates K9s to military, first responders, and veterans. Now, 1st Foundation is working to find loving families to adopt loving dogs deemed more suitable for civilian life.

If you are interested in adopting Cisco or our other available dogs, you can fill out an application at 1stfoundation.com.

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