Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 1st Foundation specialty tag free of charge?

Yes, thanks to a generous donor, the first year for the 1st Foundation specialty tag is free. Please note that you will still have to pay your regular motor vehicle registration fee. If you choose to keep the tag beyond that first year, you will pay the normal fee of $50.00 for a specialty tag. Of that $50.00, $41.25 is tax-deductible.

Who can commit to receive one of the 250 free 1st Foundation specialty tags?

The tag is available free of charge to the next 250 individuals who sign up online.

May I reserve more than one 1st Foundation specialty tag?

You can register as many vehicles as you have registered under your name. The VIN, tag number and other vehicle-related information will be different, so you must fill out a separate form for each vehicle to receive the free tag.

Can I personalize the 1st Foundation specialty tag?

Yes, you have the option of personalizing your tag at no additional cost. You will receive this information from the state when they email you the receipt for the 1st Foundation specialty tag.

How will I know when the 1st Foundation specialty tag has reached 250 commitments?

Once we reach 250 commitments, the state will send you an email with a receipt and instructions for next steps. The receipt does not expire, but the 1st Foundation recommends that you redeem your receipt during your normal month of tag renewal.

What if I have already renewed my tag for 2017?

The twelve month period in which we must obtain a minimum of 250 commitments began June 1, 2016, and ends May 31, 2017. By filling out a commitment form, you will receive a receipt to get the 1st Foundation specialty tag for your next renewal at your local DMV.

When do I need to complete the 1st Foundation specialty tag commitment form?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It is only available to the 250 individuals who complete the form. The sooner you complete the form online, the sooner we can get to the 250 commitments.

Please email with any questions about the 1st Foundation tag.