Aragon PD welcomes new K-9 Officer Edge

The Aragon Police Department announced this morning that they have a new recruit joining the force after approval was given by the City Council in previous weeks. 

Aragon Police welcomed K-9 Officer Edge to the force this morning, fully funded thanks to charitable donations, organizations helping with funding and  seizure monies. Lt. Christian Cruz was joined by Danny Turner of IK9 for Officer Edge’s arrival Monday morning, March 16 to city hall. 

Cruz will be acting as the handler for Officer Edge. 

“The Aragon Police Department’s main goal in the early stages of the program was to not place a financial burden on the city government or the tax payers of the City of Aragon,” the department said in a release. “We were successful in this goal.” 

The newly appointed K-9 Officer Edge is a two-year-old Belgian Malinois and he is currently a narcotics dog, but he will be training on an ongoing basis to track missing and wanted subjects. The veterinary care, equipment, grooming services and food for Edge have all been donated including a fully-equipped Ford F-150 Crew Cab truck to be used as the K-9 vehicle. 

“The Aragon Police Department would like to thank the IK9 company which is based out of Alabama for facilitating the initial training of Officer Edge and arranging delivery of Officer Edge to his handler,”  the statement read. “We would also like to thank the First Responders and Special Operations Foundation for providing the grant that allowed us to obtain Officer Edge free of Charge.”

The statement additionally added that “in the upcoming weeks Ofc. Edge will be serving the community of Aragon to safeguard the lives of the people we serve, to reduce the occurrence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working to improve their quality of life.”

Edge joins the department as the latest K-9 after they previously owned Nero, but were forced to sell him after his handler left the force. 

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